Friday, March 20, 2009


I just love this cartoon. I've got it pinned on the bulletin board in my studio. (I've decided to call it that because it sounds so much better than 'the room filled to overflowing with all of my crafting crap' don't you think?)

(Sorry it's blurry)

Hope this made you giggle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my garlic! As for your question, I also didn't know what I should be doing with it so I googled it. I'm no expert, I just thought it was cool that my garlic started to sprout, and wanted to try to grow it! I learned that Yes, you do seperate the cloves. Then you plant them in the spring for a fall harvest. I didn't plant them outside because we still are under snow, but I plan to transplant them when I can!
I like your blog. You seem like a really positive person.
The car horns are hilarious! I've seen a long stretch limo style SUV driving around town with those.

Oh, and Thanks, the comic did make me giggle -several times throughout the day ;)

Jean said...

Hi again Taryn,
Love the Comic Relief!
Oh, and "Studio" too... mine is not far removed from your's! LoL