Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Refashions

What do you get from a too small dress and a plain black t-shirt?

You get two new shirts. lol Okay, probably not really the answer you were expecting but what can I say? :0)

I cut the neck a little bigger on the dress, cut off about the bottom half, and cut out the sleeves and back. Then I did a little shirring-you know, with the elastic thread in the bobbin (such a wonderful technique to learn)-at the back of the neck and along the back of the shirt just to pull in a little of the slack. The girls claim to love it. :0)

For the black t-shirt I just gathered part of the bottom of the dress and sewed it to the bottom of the t-shirt. I did cut off the hem of the t-shirt first. Then I used some of the left-over dress material from the shirt and reverse appliqued three cat head shapes down the left side of the shirt. The cat heads are all shaped a little differently (not on purpose mind you) but I still think it turned out okay. :0)

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