Friday, July 8, 2011

For 60 days

I'm still working on my projects, but it's just gotten slower than usual. That's because on Monday, Dax & I started the Insanity workout DVD's. OMGosh!!!!

I thought I was doing really well with how far I was making it on our first day until I realised they were still just doing the warm-up. The real workout hadn't even started yet!! Gaaahhhh!

I am trying to continue with my projects, but I'm almost too tired to move by the time we get done. LOL That really puts a damper on my play time.

Here's a pretty acurate 'before' picture.

I really want to get rid of the 'muffin top'.  We took real before pictures in almost nothing, but (barf) I'm not showing those to the whole world.

I decided to put this out there to help hold us accountable for making it through the whole 60 days. We've made it through 4 days so far and this morning I had lost 3 pounds when I got on the scale. Now, I know that's water because we've been sweating out butts off, but I'll take it. I also asked Dax this morning if he thought our bodies were going to be sore for the entire 60 days. lol

Anyone else already been through this torture? Will I really survive and feel better by the end?

Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to finish up with some of the things that are in the works and update with something more fun. lol  Wish me luck!

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