Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick project

I saw a great scarf at Dollar Store Crafts and knew I had to give it a try.

Of course I couldn't just follow her directions. Where's the challenge in that, right?

Anyway, I had some crochet thread that I had already strung a ton of beads onto for another project that I just never went any further with. So, I decided to use that to make a lighter, somewhat blingy-er scarf. (I'll make up words if I want to.....don't judge me. lol)

This is what I came up with.
Here's a closer picutre....

The scarf is super easy. It's just a bunch of strings of chain stitches all knotted together. I used 10 strings to put my scarf together. I only have two rows in it with beads on it. I didn't want too much. On the first row with beads I actually counted how many beads I was adding in each time and how many stitches between adding beads. I didn't do that at all on the second row.

I was going to add more than two rows, but a little way into my 3rd string of chain stitching the crochet thread was joined together on the ball and my beads wouldn't slide over it. I didn't have the will to re-string them so I decided that three rows was probably just too much. Don't you agree? lol

As usual, my girls are already fighting over who gets to have it. Little do they know this one is all mine.

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