Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From mess up to a bracelet

When I was making this scarf I had a little glitch.

The crochet thread was joined in the middle of my ball. Although it was a very tiny knot, it was still too big for all of those seed beads I had strung to fit over it. I just cut it on the other side of the knot and continued my scarf without any more beaded strings.

I was part way through a string when I came to this little problem. I hated to pull it all out so I didn't. Instead I just sat and stared at it waiting for some idea to form in my head. Do you ever do that? I do it more often than I care to admit. lol

Anyway, it finally happened.

I looped it around to fit my wrist, leaving room to slide over my hand. Then I used the tail at either end (luckily they met) to wrap several times around and tied them together. That way my loops were bound together and wouldn't just unloop into one big circle when I took it off.

I really like the little bracelt that it made and may have to make some more. But on purpose this time!

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