Friday, July 22, 2011

New use for old books

You've probably seen all of the awesome projects out there using old books and folding the pages into a new design. Awhile back I made some jack-o-lanterns using that concept.

But when I saw these birdhouses at Red Hen Home I knew I had to give it a try.

Mine aren't a nice as hers but I'm pleased with them just the same.

She has instructions for two diffent ways to fold them, so I tried one of each. They're super easy and pretty quick. I think it took less than 30 minutes each.

These were both actually made from one book! It was a really long book so I cut it down the middle of the spine. I would really like to find a taller book to make one more with for this grouping.

I just need to go dig through my boxes. I have a bazillion books in boxes all over the place. Very few of them are actually books that I'm interested in reading but the kids and I went to the dumpster for the paper recycling to drop off some shredded files and it had a ton of books in it. I think they are from a used book store that closed down. So the kids dove into the dumpster and retrieved the books. They loved it!!! Now they're disappointed every time we go back and there isn't anything for them to climb in and get. lol

One lesson that I did learn while doing these is to make sure the spine is well broken in. The book I chose had a good patina because it was pretty old, but I don't think it had ever actually been read. When the spine is still like new it's much harder to bring your pages into the circle. I had to glue all the way down the spine and then try to hold that together while the glue dried without messing up the folded pages.

Do you have any other book folding ideas? Remember, I've got a lot!!

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Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Thanks for linking back! It was such fun to see your book birdhouses. I think they look every bit as good as mine. Thanks also for you VERY KIND comments on my beadboard signs!